In order to give the best service to you, we’ve instituted some policies which make it possible for us to do our very best work, every single time. I’ve tried to explain what we do and why, below.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

You’re very welcome to pop in and have a look at the gowns before booking your fitting, but, you'll still need to call ahead to be sure we’re not already busy with another bride.

Why do you charge a fee to try on gowns, and how much is it?
The consultation fee is a reflection of the time spent, and the attention to detail we provide. We offer an incredibly high standard of professional fitting service and advice. Unlike ordinary clothes shops, where there are a dozen copies of the same garment, each gown you try will be carefully fitted,  recommendations will be made specifically for you, suggestions and alternatives will be offered as needed.  You’ll also be able to try on veils, jewelry, shoes and other accessories, as you wish, all with the help of a trained, professional fitter..

What are your regular opening hours?
In recognition of the fact that it can be difficult to find time for wedding planning, we don’t operate on ‘regular’ hours. We work by appointment -  and we’ll always try and accommodate your schedule, whether that’s an evening, weekend, or even super early one morning before work - we aim to offer you the flexibility to choose a time and day which best suits.

Why do I need to make an appointment to try on gowns?
Having an appointment means you can be confident you will have your fitter’s undivided, uninterrupted attention, and complete privacy throughout your fitting. You don’t have to share the studio space with any other customers who might otherwise have popped in at the same time as you.


And, although YOU would never do it, it’s a sad reality that some people do try on gowns just to fill in time, or with the intention of copying the dress designs, and generally spoiling it for the others who just want to find a beautiful gown for their wedding. So in part, the charge is also to discourage people from just trying on the dresses for fun.

The fee is a one-time charge of $40, which covers your inital 90 minute consultation, and any further followup meetings we may require. We’ve opted to charge a fee rather than, say,  building the cost into the price of the gowns - which means there’s never any hard sell from our staff.

How many gowns may I try on?
You can try on as many gowns as you’d like to, but be aware that putting on lots of gowns is actually quite tiring, and after a while it stops being fun.


Trying to remember everything you’ve seen is stressful. We’ve found that on average, brides try 6 to 8 wedding dresses. If you find you have too many good options to choose from, we recommend that you take a break and give yourself time to think. You can always come back again!

Will my gown be made to measure?
Generally, no. Most of our’ gowns are ‘made to order’, in a standard dress size. We will measure and order as closely as possible to your size, but you should plan to meet with your dressmaker to make those final adjustments which will make it fit perfectly. If you don’t know of a dressmaker, we’ll be glad to recommend one for you.

Some designers offer a Made to Measure option, at an additional cost.

Do you have “Plus Sized” gowns? Or petite sizes to try on?
Yes, we have stock samples in a variety of sizes, generally from size 4 up to size 26, and many of our gowns can be  custom ordered, eg  a standard size with a larger cup size, or in maternity styles, depending on the designer


What’s the process for ordering, and how will I know when my dress has arrived?
We have sample gowns in The Studio which you can try on. We may also discuss and try on a variety of accessories, such as veils, necklaces and shoes. After trying on and choosing a gown, we’ll take careful .

measurements and order a gown to be made for you, in the standard size closest to your measurements. The gown you choose will be made exactly the same as the sample. Alterations may be required for hem length, and to get that ‘made to measure’ fit.

The moment your gown arrives, and has been checked and pressed, we will contact you to arrange for you to collect your gown.

What kind of deposit do you require, and can I pay my dress off in installments?
A minimum 50% deposit is required, with the balance due on or before pickup.
We’re happy to discuss reasonable payment methods to suit your needs.
We have EFT-POS and credit-card facilities available, or you may set up a direct debit payment.


We recommend that you order much earlier than the minimum time, so that you will have your dress with plenty of time to spare - one less thing to stress over as your wedding day approaches!

Do you have wedding dresses for hire, or second hand gowns?
No. We used to, but our made-to-order gowns are priced so reasonably that no-one ever bought or hired them.  If you’re on a limited budget, talk to us. A beautiful gown doesn’t need to break the budget!

What about buying cheap gowns online?
I’ve seen too many disappointments to be able to recommend buying a gown from an unknown source. If you’re determined to do it, PLEASE do your homework - at the very least Google the company name and the word ‘review’. Positive comments don’t count for much-[it’s too easy for a company to buy positive reviews. Look for negative reviews, especially any relating to non-delivery of purchased goods, and quality of fabrics and manufacturing.

My wedding is ages away. How soon should I start looking for a gown?
Now’s good!  Seriously. It’s a good idea to allow plenty of time to order your gown, have alterations made, and to choose your accessories. The standard lead time on wedding dress orders is 3-5 months, depending on the designer.


Can I take photographs of the gowns?
Generally no. An exception may be made, in special circumstances, please ask. We’re here to help, so if your BFF won’t be able to attend your fitting due to distance, it may even be possible to share the experience via Skype.


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