Sugary spills from drinks can dry clear but will oxidise with time, becoming brown and difficult to remove later.

And of course, there will naturally be perspiration in the lining, and dirt around the hemline, which can stain, and cause the fabric to become brittle over time. The longer stains are left untreated, the harder they become to remove.

After the wedding, bridal gowns are often set aside with good intentions of cleaning ‘sometime soon’.... That’s why we now offer a ‘drop and run’ service - simply bundle up your gown and bring it in before you leave on your honeymoon, we’ll take care of cleaning and pressing, so that it’s all ready by the time you get back!


Your wedding dress is perhaps the most expensive garment you will ever wear.
But what happens to it after the big day?

Whether you plan to sell your gown, or keep it for sentimental reasons, it is important to have your dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding day. It may look clean to you, but don’t be fooled;

Wedding gowns with heavy beading or other delicate details may not be suitable  for dry-cleaning, or other heat or solvent based treatments. Our specialist gown cleaning service uses a ‘wet-cleaning’ method, gently removing most food stains, makeup smears, fake tan, perspiration and muddy hems. The details of the method varies according to each garments specific material, and design.

Using the mildest effective cleansers, we begin first with a gentle wash, and only apply further treatments if required to achieve the best results. These methods will get your gown as clean as possible, without compromising the fabric of the garment.

We understand that your wedding gown is a treasured possession, and we treat each garment with great care and attention. No cleaning method can guarantee to remove every stain.

We will use all caution, but please be aware that we offer this service at your own risk.


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